Leadership Positions

Health Asia

Dr. Zaki was the Project Director of Health Asia, which is Pakistan’s biggest health event. He has been organizing the Health Asia event in Pakistan since 2004.

Health Asia Conferences are considered as one of the most promising activities that have led to the development of a comprehensive health-based platform with an enduring perspective.Each conference is set apart from the rest by providing an informative & awareness platform for the industry focused professionals with the experiences of International & National Experts. It also gives an opportunity to come together to exchange and develop knowledge and practice that will enhance your expertise.

Health Asia Conferences provide an enlightening meeting environment through an informative showcase, covering:


I. Interactive Scientific Programs

II. Health Care Awareness Workshops

eHealth Services

Dr. Zaki has been the Chief Executive Officer of eHealth Services since he established this company in 2004. eHealth Services is the first company of Pakistan which is offering total solutions in the eHealth space. Under Dr. Zaki’s visionary leadership, the company has established its name as the leader in eHealth / mHealth in Pakistan with country’s First Hub & Spoke Telemedicine model and Medical Call Center to its credit.

eHealth Services is the pioneer Telemedicine company of Pakistan that was established
in 2004. It is the first company in Pakistan to offer total solutions in eHealth space that
includes complete Turnkeysolution and Consultancy for setting up Telemedicine,
eHealth and mHealth solutions that includes establishment of Teleconsultancy networks, Medical Call Centers, etc.projects for Governments, NGOs, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals and other Organizations.

eHealth Services aims to provide quality healthcare services globally – particularly to far remote areas with scarce
healthcare facilities. eHealth services has secured first position in Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2010 Awards
under the bannerof MIT-OPEN Business Acceleration Program.