About Dr. Zaki

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed is a visionary strategist, entrepreneur & a physician leader who specializes in developing innovative solutions for Healthcare Services, Education and Business through Information Technology.

Dr. Zaki's Engagements

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Digital Care

Digital Care is a value-added partner in developing cutting-edge health IT solutions. With its pulse on the ever-expanding healthcare IT revolution, Digital Care is closing the loop by integrating elements of timely and quality care, efficiency and advocacy for both the provider and the patients.



24/7 patient centric connected health model has embarked on achieving strategic objectives of quality healthcare provision by using technology as the key component to improve healthcare outcomes.



Dr. Zaki is a Project Director at RAHAT (Rural Accessible Healthcare Applying Telemedicine) is a project of Bin Qutab Foundation.


Riphah University

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed is a regularly invited keynote speaker and trainer on healthcare technology-based conferences, courses, and projects, creating a new niche in the healthcare sector previously unexplored in the country.



Dr. Zaki is a Director, Strategic Projects and Secretary, HRAB (Health Research Advisory Board) at PharmEVo and responsible for Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Research and Publishing, Ethical Marketing Practices, Managing and developing medical content for information material.

A glimpse at Dr. Zaki’s recent activities